“Super/Natural”Mizuno Prophecy 3
editorial + vfx
“Houndstooth”ESPN SEC Network
“Butcher”SEC Nation
“Reveille”ESPN SEC Network
“Mini-Golf”SEC Nation
“What If Everybody Ran?”Mizuno
“Escape” TeaserMizuno Prophecy 3
“It’s Here” SpotMeijer
editorial + motion gfx
“Make Room” SpotMeijer
editorial + motion gfx
“Mezamashii Moments” SpotMizuno
editorial + grading
“Strong Stories” SpotGold’s Gym
“Mona and Nate” SpotVirgin Mobile
“The Last Bar Fighter”Big Boss Brewery
direction + editorial
Middle of the Road Grave to grave Raise Hell Exit Tagged Monolith Focus I'm Comin' Passed By March On Pray Remember Me A Goodnight The Bear Bad Girl Hold Tight Bird In The Trees In the weeds.

Found in the Fifty

creator + curator + designer

I got pretty tired of seeing lots of “Made in (insert developing nation with impoverished exploited workers)” tags all around me when I knew there was a resurgence of American manufacturing and an increased awareness in others to support domestic production and small business. Modern design and fashion seemed like an exclusive European club until talented American based designers and makers started to multiply. My excitement over both the design world and the “Made in the U.S.A” movement colliding could not be contained and I wanted to share it. Thus, with the help of a few talented friends, Found in the Fifty was created in 2011 with the goal of giving distinguishing conscious people a resource to find modern American made goods.

Rachel Marshal – logo design and creative director
Emily Bones – writer and contributor

“2013 Triangle Corporate Battle of the Bands”2D + 3D animation

Offset Box

maker + designer

Cats like open litter trays that happen to get litter all over the floor. The Offset box is a place to store the tray, give kitty some privacy, contain the mess and smell, and look damn fine doing it. The wall panels are varied in both size and color and finished with a water resistant glossy coating. The frame is made from a bamboo product also finished in a water resistant stain that enriches its zebra-like pattern. A hinged top allows access to the tray for cleaning and there is a peg inside to hang a scoop.

Birch Plywood
Powder-coated steel

Coffee Cozy

maker + designer

A cozy hand-cut and stitched way to warm up to any beverage.